Automatic Crash Detection Connected to Emergency Responders

Statistically, 90% of riders are thrown from their motorcycles during a crash^.

REALRIDER® automatically delivers your time-critical location & potentially life-saving health data to paramedics if you crash & can’t call for help.

^I_HeERO research study.

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New & Improved

Crash Detection Process

REALRIDER® monitors key sensors in your smartphone to check if you are still moving. If you are unresponsive, the app automatically alerts Emergency Responders who will call to assess whether you require emergency assistance. If you can’t answer the call, paramedics will know where to find you.

See FAQs for more information.

International Emergency Service Alerting

REALRIDER® delivers seamless, cross-country emergency service connectivity so you can ride with complete peace-of-mind across the UK, ROI, Europe, North America, Australia & NZ – all for one monthly or yearly fixed premium.

Emergency Integration Partners

SOS Partners
Free Feature

Group Riding with Live Location Sharing

Our group riding service is free-to-use and designed to keep your group rides together, & your mates safer.

Connect up to 12 riders

The map automatically adjusts so you can always see members of your riding group in real-time.

Join rides in progress

Simply activate the group you want to join & follow them via the map.

Group notifications

Be notified when you’re added to a new group, a group ride has started & when riders join the group ride.

New & Improved

Track, share and export your riding adventures

All new cloud-hosted route recording system with auto-pause, revamped photo capture, full screen route views, GPX enabled route sharing & improved riding stats.

New & Improved

Explore thousands of great routes

Explore, save, export or ride thousands of the best biking roads recorded by the REALRIDER® community.

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Save 25% when you pay $57/year online. Cancel anytime.
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*Free trial only available via an in-app subscription and for new subscribers. Both options are recurring subscriptions. Cancel anytime. Prices may vary depending on your country.

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