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REALRIDER® Crash Detection & Emergency Alerting Yearly Subscription
Now only £32.40/year for Airvest customers*
*Recurring discounted subscription. Cancel anytime. Prices may vary depending on your country.

How to claim your discounted subscription

1. Purchase subscription

Please click ‘Claim offer‘ to purchase. This will take you to our secure Stripe payment interface for payment.

2. Download REALRIDER® app

Download the app from app stores. Please use the phone number you provided in the previous step to login to the app.

3. In-app account setup

Once logged in, please follow the steps to create your profile, complete emergency info and accept the required permissions.

Automatic Crash Detection Connected to Emergency Responders

Statistically, 90% of riders are thrown from their motorcycles during a crash^.

REALRIDER® automatically delivers your time-critical location & potentially life-saving health data to paramedics if you crash & can’t call for help.

^I_HeERO research study.

Why motorcyclists use REALRIDER®

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